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Diabetes - Structured Education

Diabetes - Structured Patient Education

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It is recognised by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) that the provision of high quality structured diabetes education is a vital part of any diabetes services. As such it should be offered to people with diabetes.

General information and recommendations about structured diabetes education can be found in the Diabetes NICE Pathway for Diabetes - Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes
Key Messages:

Structured education should be seen as part of patients treatment, therefore patients should be encouraged to attend.

Ongoing structured education should be offered if appropriate and available.
Attending structured diabetes education is the first step, ongoing support by patient health care team is therefore imperative, without this messages are less likely to be imbedded into self-management.

There are various education programmes running across Bedfordshire and Luton CCGs. See below for details.

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Pre-Diabetes Education

Walking Away from Diabetes (Luton)

  Walking Away from Diabetes (Luton) is a new intervention programme for those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Many of the issues and challenges in health care are around chronic illness and can only be addressed through a different approach to health management.
  This is a 3-hour structured group education programme delivered by two trained Educators. The 3-hour course offers participants the opportunity to explore their personal risk and to identify the changes they need to make to remain healthy. The programme utilises an approach to promoting behavioural change and is based around the award winning DESMOND approach.

See - Luton Referral Form

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Type 2 Education Programmes

DESMOND - Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed (Luton & Bedfordshire)

DESMOND  is an effective, evidence-based self-management education programme for people with Type 2 diabetes. The 6-hour programme is delivered by two trained facilitators using specially developed resources. The programme is delivered in local healthcare or community venues to groups of up to 10 people with diabetes. Participants are encouraged to bring a family member/significant other with them.

DESMOND explores strong philosophical beliefs. It is delivered interactively with a non-didactic style. It focuses on behavioural changes using activities around lifestyle changes i.e. food and physical activities

DESMOND programme is provided throughout Bedfordshire

See - Luton Referral Form
See - North and Central Bedfordshire Referral Form
See - South Bedfordshire Referral Form

DESMOND Foundation (Luton & South Beds)


Like DESMOND (see above) this is a 6-hour programme delivered by two trained facilitators, using specially developed resources.   Is an effective self-management education programme for people who have had Type 2 Diabetes for more than 1 year.

See - Luton Referral Form
See - South Beds Referral Form

See - DESMOND & DESMOND Foundation Leaflet

ADAM - Advanced Diabetes Advice & Management (Bedfordshire)
  Locally development self-management education programme for those with established diabetes? It is a 5-hour programme delivered by two trained facilitators, using specially developed resources,
See - ADAM Referral Form
See - ADAM Leaflet

Living with Diabetes In Urdu & Living with Diabetes in Bengali (Luton)

  This is a 2 hour diabetes education programme developed in-house on the DESMOND principals. It is delivered by trained Diabetes Support Workers who speak Urdu and Bengali, with support from a Diabetes Specialist Nurse.

After attending a Living with Diabetes session participants are invited to come to  a 1.5 hour session one month later. This session focuses  on healthy eating with diabetes and is supported by a Dietitian.  

See - Luton Referral Form
Living with Diabetes Housebound Education (Luton)
  This is a basic education programme for people who are housebound. It has been developed in-house on the DESMOND principals and is delivered in patients home by a trained diabetes support worker.
See - Luton Referral Form
CAP - Carbohydrate Awareness Programme (Luton)
  Is a  3½ hour group education programme suitable for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  Usually for individuals treated with GLP1, insulin or on maximum oral medication.  The session aims to give greater understanding about how different types and quantities of carbohydrates effect blood glucose levels and how different food choices can improve diabetes control.  
See - Luton Referral Form

ESTA - Eat Smart Think Active (North & Central Beds )

  ESTA stands for Eat Smart Think Active. It is a weight management programme designed for people with type 2 diabetes. ESTA helps participants to manage their weight while keeping control of their diabetes through fun and interactive activities.
See - ESTA - Eat Smart Think Active Leaflet
See - ESTA - Eat Smart Think Active Referral Form
Diabetes Workshops (North & Central Beds )
  2 hour interactive session designed as a post DESMOND program where the relationship between lifestyle, nutrition and medications in the treatment of diabetes is explored. Other health professionals are welcomed as observers with a view to building on their diabetes knowledge or in support of their patients.
  Contact: Community Diabetes Specialist Dietitian / Nurse

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Type 1 Education Programmes

DAFNE -  Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating (Bedford Hospital)

It is a way of managing Type 1 diabetes for adults and provides the skills necessary to estimate the carbohydrate in each meal and to inject the right dose of insulin.
DAFNE involves attending a 5-day training course plus a follow-up session around 8 weeks after the course. The structured teaching programme is delivered to groups of 6-8 participants under the supervision of DAFNE-trained Educators. The DAFNE course is about learning from experience. Most of the training is built around group work, sharing and comparing experiences with other participants. However, there are opportunities for each person to speak to DAFNE Educators individually.
DAFNE allows people to fit diabetes into their lifestyle, rather than changing their lifestyle to fit in with their diabetes
The five day course currently runs on a bi monthly basis, to access this course patients need to be referred to the Diabetes Centre it is recommended that once DAFNE trained the patient remains under the care of the Hospital Diabetes Service
LIFE - Luton Insulin and Food Education (L&D Hospital)
  A comprehensive structured education programme for patients with Type 1 Diabetes on basal bolus analogue insulins, based on the principles akin to DAFNE.
  It is suitable for those diagnosed for at least 6 months and are on basal bolus analogues for at least 3 months
  Runs over 5 weeks as 4 full days
  Participants learn how to judge food and insulin doses whatever their situation – self adjustment of insulin’s around carbohydrate intake, exercise and other variants.

Y-LIFE – Luton Insulin and Food Education (L&D Hospital)

  Young version of LIFE but reduced into 1 day geared to the teenage years
B2B - Back to Basics (L&D Hospital)
  Type 1 Diabetes on any insulin regime
  Morning session lasting 2 hrs
  Update on management of medical emergencies: Hypos, illness – ketone testing, food intake and insulin titration
  Patient can book directly at reception.
ABC - All About Basal-Bolus & Carbohydrate Counting  (L&D Hospital)
  For both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes on analogue Basal Bolus insulin regime for at least 3 months.
  Afternoon session lasting 3 hrs
  Practical session on how to count carbohydrates and adjust insulin doses
  Need to be followed by further sessions with DSN/dietitian or LIFE if Type 1
DINE - Diet & Insulin New Education (L&D Hospital)
  This group session is offered to those within one year of diagnosis of confirmed Type I diabetes. It is a 3 hour multi-disciplinary session. Family members are welcome.

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